Beer flights are a great way for your patrons to sample and experience your signature brews, and they also encourage customers to take a seat and stay a while. If you offer a unique beer flight experience, satisfied customers will remember the occasion, and are likely to tell their friends or coworkers about your unique and tasty offerings.

If you're considering adding a beer flight option to your bar, think about the presentation of your beer flights and aim for something a little out of the norm. While the classic method of delivering a beer flight is a wooden paddle, this post discusses unique beer flight display options.


Beer Flight Display Ideas

If you offer a unique beer flight experience, satisfied customers will remember the occasion, and are likely to tell their friends or coworkers about your unique and tasty offerings.

1. Muffin Pans

Simple metal muffin pans work splendidly for beer-flights; look for the style with six cups to highlight your six favorite brews. Don't want to serve six samples? Fill one of the cups with napkins, or fill a cup with a handout that lists the names of the beer or you could fill another cup with citrus wedges for the beer.

2. Oak Slices

A raw-edged oak slice is a beautiful and pragmatic beer flight display, and these wood slices are widely available. Make sure to varnish your wood to preserve it and prevent spills from staining. Slight indentations in the surface will help flight-glasses from sliding or slipping.

3. Rustic Crates

Some establishments like to serve flights in wooden crates, which helps protect them from spilling. The crate also provides the perfect vehicle for extra napkins, garnish or menus, as desired. These beer flight displays are available in a wide-range of sizes, or you could use old wood pallets to create your own design.

4. Chalkboard Paddles

You have probably seen paddle-style display boards used for beer flights, but one unique idea is painting a paddle display with chalkboard paint. The display provides the perfect place to write the beer name, and if you're changing brews, just erase and rewrite!

5. Paint Palette Display

Large acrylic paint palettes also present an intriguing option for beer flights. These palettes can be modified, drilled or finished to secure and hold small pilsners or shot-glasses for your beers. This perfectly displays beer flights for an artsy crowd.

6. Metal Lunch Box Display

For a fun conversation piece, serve your beer flights in an open lunch-box. Use the vintage-style metal boxes that might be found at a thrift store or antique site to invoke a vintage feel. This display option also makes it less likely that staff or patrons will spill beer.

7. State Pride

Another way you can serve the beer flights is a state-shaped display, with holes drilled to contain the glasses of beer on the board. The state-shaped boards should be relatively cheap from a local carpenter or artisan and may be available to custom order from a contractor.

8. Cars and Boats

Arrange flights in a vintage toy convertible or toy boat for a fun twist on the traditional flight. You may need to buy glasses to fit the unconventional shape and size of the toy, but tall shot glasses work well for these flights and are inexpensive to buy at a restaurant supply store.

9. Sushi-Inspired Display

Another clever serving idea is to invest in conical glasses that can be displayed on hand-roll sushi racks. These racks are easy to handle and the perfect size for serving samples of beer. Furthermore, this display can bring a cool, Asian flair to your surroundings.

10. Beer Trading Cards

Another great way to serve beer flights is by getting creative and coming up with a beer trading card that represents each of the brews in your flight. These cards are also a great takeaway for your customers and will help them remember which beers they enjoyed and want to try again.

Ask Balson Beer Distributor Inc. about local brews and craft beers that will bring something different to your establishment's beer flights. Use these 10 ideas to inspire your own flight display that is memorable for your patrons.